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So, I have been looking for ways to motivate my Digital Natives and Gamer students, and I came across a number of apps or sites that will allow me to create classroom badges for students to earn and show off their achievements. I am testing ClassBadgesCredly, and have applied to beta test Passport (currently in development by Purdue University).

I am hopeful that these will spark student motivation. Hopefully those reward-driven, extrinsically motivated, digital-media-consumer students will find these intriguing and will want to earn them.

Results to follow.


Tech Implementation

It has been an insanely busy couple of weeks. I have been implementing many of the ideas I gathered at TCEA13 and students have really responded to most of them really well.

  • Google Drive (drive.google.com): After initial set up with middle school students, they were impressed that I got the updates as they typed them. A live demonstration of the drive sealed the deal. So far students have submitted their last two projects via Drive. It has also been a powerful tool to use with parents because I can show them how much work students are (or are not) putting in on the projects every day. Love It!
  • I used “Teach Parents Technology” (http://www.teachparentstech.org/) with a few parents during conferences. I am adding it to my school webpage as a result. It worked–really well.
  • Snag-It Stamps (http://t.co/Oc7wBqoh): LOVE these. It is easy to annotate and mark up texts and they look really polished on the screen.
  • Trying classroom achievements based on gamer badges now. Will post the results soon.

TCEA Day 3

I am picking up a great deal of new tips, tricks, apps, etc. on day 3 of TCEA.

Become a Google Ninja
Jeff Utrecht, a Google Ninja Master offers a free series of lessons and tests designed to make you a Google power user.
Google Ninja Training

Be part of the Education Revolution
Reach students where they are, armed with what they use every day.

Use a Google Hangout to “meet” students after school or keep office hours.

More to come…

TCEA Conference Day 2

One and a half days into #TCEA13, and I am so energized. The Google representatives are knowledgeable, friendly, and helpful. He are just a few things I’ve picked up so far:

Amy Mayer is a tech goddess. Her presentation re: Drive Apps is fantastic and here: http://goo.gl/8Orku

Fur.ly allows you to bundle lots of links as one and open all of them from a single URL.

Hoot Suite manages all of your social media accounts in one place.

Duolingo helps you learn almost any language for free.

On your PC or Mac, you can download a Google Drive folder and sync all of your documents, just like Dropbox.

More on Google Extensions tomorrow.

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