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So, I have been looking for ways to motivate my Digital Natives and Gamer students, and I came across a number of apps or sites that will allow me to create classroom badges for students to earn and show off their achievements. I am testing ClassBadgesCredly, and have applied to beta test Passport (currently in development by Purdue University).

I am hopeful that these will spark student motivation. Hopefully those reward-driven, extrinsically motivated, digital-media-consumer students will find these intriguing and will want to earn them.

Results to follow.


Tech Implementation

It has been an insanely busy couple of weeks. I have been implementing many of the ideas I gathered at TCEA13 and students have really responded to most of them really well.

  • Google Drive (drive.google.com): After initial set up with middle school students, they were impressed that I got the updates as they typed them. A live demonstration of the drive sealed the deal. So far students have submitted their last two projects via Drive. It has also been a powerful tool to use with parents because I can show them how much work students are (or are not) putting in on the projects every day. Love It!
  • I used “Teach Parents Technology” (http://www.teachparentstech.org/) with a few parents during conferences. I am adding it to my school webpage as a result. It worked–really well.
  • Snag-It Stamps (http://t.co/Oc7wBqoh): LOVE these. It is easy to annotate and mark up texts and they look really polished on the screen.
  • Trying classroom achievements based on gamer badges now. Will post the results soon.
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